Elite Clinical Education

Enhancing clinical practice through education

Mr. Stuart A Metcalfe FPodA, FCPod

Born in Lancashire and brought up Wales, Stuart was educated at West Monmouth Grammar School for boys before entering higher education. His undergraduate studies were completed at Northampton School of Podiatric Medicine, one of the UK's leading centres for Podiatric studies. Their superb and demanding course sparked his interest in foot surgery and led him to take up the challenge of the Fellowship in Podiatric Surgery. Having completed the 'Membership' examinations after two year postgraduate study, he secured a place on a surgical residency programme with Mr. Galloway and Gilbert, Consultant Podiatric Surgeons in Hereford.

Stuart successfully completed the Fellowship programme in 1996 and took up a post with Solihull Healthcare NHS Trust. After a further three years working for Solihull PCT, he was appointed by panel interview as a 'Consultant in Podiatric Surgery'.


Medical and surgical techniques are advancing at a rapid rate. Foot surgery is a demanding area of clinical practice. As a leading consultant in this field, Stuart invests a substantial proportion of his time lecturing to other healthcare groups and developing their knowledge and skills.